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Georgette & Demoiselle - handy piece of cutlery
Model: Demoiselle stainless - Left handed

$28.00 CAD
  • Brand:Georgette
  • Model:Georgette

A special fork-spoon
Georgette & Demoiselle prick, pick and separate
For right or left hander

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The inventor Jean-Louis Orengo got the original idea of a hybrid piece of cutlery on his way back from an expedition in the Great White North. This naturalist from the Ariége in the Pyrenees found his inspiration in the shapes of animals paws. Together with an engineer and a chef, they created a newly designed piece cutlery.

Georgette, the best for cocktails or on the table for soups, dishes with sauce, compounds salads, couscous, desserts...

Georgette & Demoiselle prick, pick and separate

In stainless steel



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