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Opinel # 222 Meat & Poultry knife - Intempora Collection

$98.00 CAD
  • Brand:OPINEL

Meat & Poultry knife.
Opinel # 222.
Blade: 13 cm.
Handle: Fiberglass reinforced POM (polyoxymethylene).

Effective for separating flesh from bones, removing sinews and fat from meat.

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You like cooking Meat & Poultry? The Opinel #222 is for you.

Blade: 13 cm on Sandvik 12c27 modified stainless steel.

Excellent cutting quality, corrosion resistance, maintenance free.

Handle: Fiberglass reinforced POM (polyoxymethylene), ultra resistant to water, shocks and wear

Curved shape, triangular profile, safe and confortable fit

The ring reinforces the handle-blade connection.

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