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Opinel - no 06 knife - Traditional carbon

$20.00 CAD
  • Brand:OPINEL

Opinel # 6 carbon steel Tradition knive
Stained varnished beech handle
Blade: 7 cm
Equipped with Virobloc double security system
Ideal for small crafts, sewing... Perfect for small hands

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Need a good knife for your crafts and sewing projects? Here is the Opinel # 6 Carbon steel!

Blade: 7 cm on carbon steel

Carbon steel: exceptional cutting quality, easy to sharpen, may rust with dampness, specific care.

Stained varnished beech handle


Equipped with Virobloc double security system.

The Virobloc double safety ring:

- Use: locks the blade in open position

- Transport: locks the blade in closed position

Not recommended for food use. Can oxidize !

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