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Opinel - The Essentials box set
Colors: Set "Les Essentiels" 50'

$65.00 CAD
  • Brand:OPINEL

Paring knife #112-
Serrated knife #113-
Vegetable knife #114-
Peeler #115.

Blade: Stainless steel
Handle: varnished beechwood or Stained and varnished hornbeam

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Discover those great set "Les Essentiels"!  4 knives really useful in the kitchen for cutting, slicing and peeling all your culinary preparations. Opinel knives are dishwasher safe.

6 set with different colors... just choose yours!

#112:  Paring knife - useful in the kitchen for cutting, slicing and slicing thinly all your culinary preparations.

#113: Ideal for slicing and chopping tomatoes, sausages, boiled eggs... Effective as a steak knife

#114: The Vegetable knife allows to gently scrape the skin of young vegetables (new potatoes, young shoots) and preserving the maximum flavor and vitamins. The curve of the blade supports rounding gesture for slicing zucchini, carrots, cucumbers. The very sharp point is particularly effective for removing lumps and tubers.

#115: Excellent cutting quality. Perfect to peel vegetables and fruits.

Blade on Sanvik 12c27 modified stainless steel.

Excellent cutting quality, corrosion resistance, maintenance free.

Varnished beechwood handle.

Stained and varnished hornbeam handle.


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