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Opinel - wooden gift box mushroom knife #08 + Outdoor L sheath

$89.00 CAD
  • Brand:OPINEL

Mushroom knife #08 + Outdoor L sheat.
Blade: 8 cm - Stainless steel.
Natural varnished oakwood handle with bristle brush.

Ideal gift for mushroom lovers

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The Opinel Mushroom knife with his wooden gift box and Outdoor L sheath is a great gift idea for all the mushroom lovers... for picking or just preparing them!

Blade: 8 cm on Sandvik 12c27 modified stainless steel. Curved blade, serrated back.

Excellent cutting quality, corrosion resistance, maintenance free.

Natural varnished oakwood handle with boar hair brush for cleaning

Equipped with Virobloc double security system.

The Virobloc double safety ring:

- Use: locks the blade in open position

- Transport: locks the blade in closed position

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